Journal 7

While looking for some ideas for my cubism assignment I came across a painting I really liked and got my inspiration from there. The painter is a woman by the name Mary Swanzy and when I done some research on Mary Swanzy I discovered she is in fact an Irish abstract artist. Below you can see the image from where I got my inspiration, also you can find a link if you are interested in viewing some of her other work and learning more about her.



Journal 6

When researching cubism images for my next assignment I came upon this and found it interesting because as a young child I would “take the line for a walk” and make patterns just like this and then color it in. I could spend hours doing it and still do and never thought of it as being cubism until this assignment. Seeing the face in it also made me aware of how much we can see a face image in everyday objects and patterns, for example a household plug and the light area in car. see images below.*&imgrc=Ez03yd-i86EJ9M: